Toledo Ohio Painting Contractor


At Wolf Creek Construction, our Toledo interior painting contractors specialize in staining, painting, wall repair, ceiling repair, and wallpaper removal. Preparation is key in all painting projects. Our painters will cover carpets, remove wall hangings and move and cover furniture. We work with you to decide what types of paints and colors meet your decorating needs. Additionally, after each painting project is completed we place everything back in its original location.



Interior Painting Process


This process starts at the estimate and is continued with our professional painting crews that will be working with you on your project. When Wolf Creek paints your interior you can expect the following:


  • An arranged time to complete your work that is mutually agreed upon
  • Professional applicators that take pride in their work
  • Thorough surface preparation before any materials are applied
  • Job site kept neat and clean while the work is in progress
  • Colors to match your requirements
  • Two coat application for all color changes
  • Premium grade products



Exterior Painting – Toledo, Ohio


When completing your Exterior Painting project, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving a long lasting paint job. A thorough cleaning to remove dirt and mildew is the first step in preparing exterior house painting surfaces. Wolf Creek knows what it takes to create a custom exterior painting project that will beautify your home or office and transform your vision into a reality – and we do it on time and budget.


All loose paint and defective caulking should then be removed. Any rotted boards should be replaced, and all new and bare wood primed. Gaps between adjoining wood, or wood and masonry, should be caulked with a powerful sealant. Hardware and light fixtures which are not to be painted should be removed or properly protected, and all plants should be moved or covered.




Paint Stripping Services


If your paint is no longer pleasing to the eyes due to cracks, peels, faded colors, etc., repainting the surface would be an option for you to take. Before fresh paint can be applied, the surface must first be prepared and subjected to paint stripping.


If the old paint is not removed, buildups may occur and affect the appearance and bond of the paint. Various techniques of our paint stripping can be used and performed to remove the paint. It would be helpful to use the most suitable technique or combination of techniques for the job.


At Wolf Creek Construction our professional painters can handle all of your paint stripping and removal needs.